Introducing LoyalCX: A CX Studio

LoyalCX is a community experience studio, the world’s first CX studio to be exact. We started Loyal because of a deep desire to do great work that has a real impact in an everyday way and because of our own frustrations in the “community space” - the lack of understanding around our role, the talent gap, the organizational disconnects, the syntax discrepancy. We see a new role for community. The Head of Community Experience.

We define Community Experience as the way that a community feels when engaging with a product, service, system or with each other.

Sounds familiar? It should. We see community as a function of design, design for groups of people in the post-social internet. User experience extends beyond just a website or mobile app. User experience happens out in the world - when you first hear about a brand, when you talk about it with your grandma, when you tweet with a brand, when you make a new friend because of that brand. It happens between the user and other people. In the community. Out in the real world. And, just like on a website, community members have user flows and conversion rates.

You see, we believe that every community experience starts with a story. Stories exist within communities and products - whether or not they are told. The stories are inherent. We uncover existing stories and create experiences around them. We map that experience out for our clients and make it happen in a way that drives community growth. Community growth, in turn, creates defensible business growth.

To us, community experience is much more than just social media, branding and community design. It’s a way to develop real relationships with users, and more importantly, to enable users to build relationships with each other. They say that relationships and frequency of happy moments strongly correlate with happiness. So if community means greater happiness for all of our clients’ users…. well, we can’t imagine a more important thing to work on.

We started Loyal about 4 months ago. Quietly. To just play in this place. Does CX exist? Is this real? Is this a business? We found that CX is more than real, and it’s more than just a business. We’re excited to share with you and our clients as we develop this framework and, eventually, develop the products to support it.

Loyal is a community development studio. We work with brands and startups to design and leverage community for business growth. Process-driven and people-centric, we develop bespoke solutions for each of our clients. Learn more at

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